The musculoskeletal health of dental and medical professionals has been the subject of numerous international studies.


If you enter the search term “dentist” in Google, you will find many images of dentists who are working hunched over the patient, the same goes for surgeons, veterians and many other medical professions. The general consensus is that an uncomfortable posture, static positions, repetitive motions, vibrations, and the small operating field are challenging ergonomic issues for any doctor, dentist, or dental hygienist.


Magnification systems are known to improve accuracy in dental and surgical procedures. Over time it has been proven that these systems also provide ergonomic benefits, because they can prevent unnecessary stooping and hunching and can thus prolong the performances in the working day as well as the whole career.

Lumbar Kyphosis



enhance the benefits of loupes


It has been proven that the use of the headlight enhances the clinical outcome, reduces stress in the muscles of the arm, shoulder, and upper back, it also provides a clear field and reduces eye strain.

Clear field

The advantage of the use of a headlight is as significant as that of the loupes themselves. Inadequate lighting can lead to incorrect postures needed to illuminate shadowed areas. Thanks to the use of our frontal headlight, mounted on the loupes, everything the user will see will be illuminated, thus eliminating the presence of shadows that the overhead light normally projects.

a clear field

eye strain

Enhances the
clinical outcome

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