EOS Next

EOS Next features cutting-edge illumination technology, a high definition light spot, an extended battery life, the Univet Connect app for remote control, and international recognition for Univet design.

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Innovation to the NEXT level

Innovation takes you to the NEXT level. The new EOS Next headlight is the solution dental and surgical professionals have been looking for to bring them closer to perfection.

CRI 90

Free your hands with
ALEXA Voice Control

As of today, through integration with Amazon Alexa technology, Eos Next can be controlled remotely with voice control, allowing you to operate hands-free, aseptically.

Remote Control

The Univet Connect app can remotely control the EOS Next headlight by switching it ON/OFF, selecting different light intensity levels, and monitoring the battery charge status.



Colours like you HAve
never seen them before!

EOS Next provides a LED light at 5700 Kelvin, a ‘cold white light’ similar to natural daylight that optimises contrast and makes people more energised: it is the ideal light for dental and surgical fields, where accuracy and precision are vital.

EOS Next has a 90% Color Rendering Index (CRI 90), ensuring a light source that faithfully reveals objects’ colours and optimum depth illumination.


Univet tests all its headlights to protect people from photobiological damage caused by the LED light. The headlights products comply with the international standard IEC 62471:2006, avoiding damage health effects during exposure to optical radiation, including LED.


Optimal headlights for operating areas, such as oral cavity areas or operating rooms, must accurately render all colours. Simply using the universal magnetic adapter, all Univet headlights can be attached to every Loupes magnifying system.

Headlights illuminate the deepest surgical and dental cavities, improve your treatment outcomes and guarantee comfort during and after examinations, reducing chronic back and shoulder pain, plus stress levels. When you see better, you do better!

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Cumpre com os limites de emissão de luz azul
Temperatura de cor: 5700 K
Intensidade da luz: 50000 lux
Vida útil da bateria: 9 h
Peso da luz: 25 g

Acessórios inclusos
  • Adaptador magnético para fotóforo
  • Filtro UV 525 nm