No cables, a lightweight body, a powerful light, and a long-lasting battery: this is the EOS Wireless. Our new illuminator is equipped with Advanced Hand Gesture Recognition technology so you can control your device touch-free.





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Aseptic control

Hand Gesture

Our Advanced Hand Gesture Recognition technology works on both sides of the device and allows you to control the device without touch, ensuring greater hygiene.


Touch control




The lithium-ion battery gives EOS Wireless a battery life of 140 minutes. Thanks to the supplied spare battery and a charging time of only 90 minutes, you will never run out of power.




The Red Dot: Product Design Award is granted by an international jury only to products that feature highly exceptional design. In 2020, this sought-after seal of quality was presented to the EOS Wireless in the category of "Medical Devices and Techonoloy".

All Univet headlight solutions are tested for the photobiological impacts of prolonged exposure to LED-emitted blue light. Our headlights are designed in accordance with the international standard IEC 62471:2006, which specifies exposure limits that prevent adverse health effects.



Advanced Hand Gesture Recognition technology
Blue light compliant
Color temperature: 5700 K
Brightness: 38000 lux
Spot shape at 35 cm of Working distance: 7,5 Ø (cm)
Battery life: 140 min
Headlight weight: 36 g

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...Univet has released wireless headlights this year! Happy. Originally the loupes were quite light, but this time even the battery is quite light and will not burden the neck... you don't need to look for switches or buttons when you wear it on your head. The frame is turned on/off with two flicks... (Automatic translation)


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Since I discovered and started using @univetopticaltechnologies headlights, I must say that my way of working has definitely changed. I can say that I really work in a different light... in order to provide my patients with the best possible level of professionalism and assistance, I could not do without a "small" upgrade by switching to the futuristic EOS Wireless headlights. The new illuminator equipped with Advanced Hand Gesture Recognition technology, provides performance and quality of the highest level, with an unparalleled definition of the operating field... (Automatic translation)


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...I need my 4-ply face mask, 5.0X loupes, wireless headlight, and my overloupes, a better version of face shield for my dental work. @univetopticaltechnologies @univet_loupes_malaysia @titandentalsolutions


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Accessories included
  • Universal magnetic adapter
  • Battery charger
  • Additional batteries
  • UV 525 nm filter