Safety Overloupes

Univet has developed solutions for protection even when using magnifying systems and headlights, which will allow you to carry out your profession in maximum safety.

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712 UP

The Univet model 712 UP eye-protector have different light colored frames with foldable temples that allow for easy pocket storage. The disposable anti-fog visor is large and can be easily removed.

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5X7 is designed for a perfect integration with prescription glasses. The exclusive SoftPad technology, a high-strength insert combined with rod adjustments, ensure maximum stability even in extreme conditions.

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Dental Safety

Dental Safety

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Univet Test Lab

In our laboratory we develop and test new materials, innovative technologies and lens treatments, that represent the essence of Univet products, a synonim of design, performance and maximum protection.


Univet’s Test Center is a highly innovative laboratory with specialized technicians and sophisticated machinery. Inside the lab, we run all the endurance tests required by the international standards. These highly-demanding stress and optical quality tests, allow Univet’s glasses to be far above the standards requirements.


It ensures that the lenses won't create any kind of optical distortion and optical correction.

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It ensures that the materials used won't ignite even under an extreme heat source.

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It tests the width of the field of view and the side shield effectiveness.

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It tests the anti-fog property of the lens, to ensure a neat and obstacle-clear vision, to improve user's safety.

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Ultra Performing anti-fog treatment



When used in combination with surgical mask or FP and during intense work activities, the lenses of protection glasses could fog up causing a condition of poor visibility and potential danger.

Univet’s R&D Department has created two ultra performing lens treatments called Vanguard. Thanks to this technology the lenses won’t tarnish, allowing their use even in extreme conditions and guaranteeing maximum protection.

Universal Fitting

Comfortable and shapely

The Universal Fit glasses are designed to adapt the frame to the various facial conformations The nose pad movement, the temples adjustment in lenght and inclination and the lens ergonomy ensure the correct fit granting optical quality, stability and comfort.