Soft, winding lines retrace historic styles, reinterpreting them with modern materials and precious finishes. A style that transcends fashions and never ages.

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Accessories have been developed to perfectly fit each loupes model's design, guaranteeing greater comfort and protection.


Brown is
the new black

Enveloping and revolutionary, to project us into the future, brown becomes the star colour, its bright and warm tone evoking the colours of the earth, combined with red to emphasise its contemporary nature.

Vibrant and full of
energy, the colour
blue is the new must-have

It is the colour of the sea and sky, magnetic, bold and decisive, conveying reliability and security.

The reinterpretation
of a classic

The historic Green Vespa colour scheme is combined with black for a more racy and modern look.

in black

Synonymous with elegance and refinement, the 'colour' black has always been the undisputed protagonist of some memorable moments in the history of fashion around the world.

In the Univet range, the Black Edition line represents the essence of design, where shapes take centre stage.


The aesthetics is still a clear symbol of the stylish UNIVET design.



Rubber Gasket

A removable rubber gasket is available and combinable with side shields to provide optimum eye protection!

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Thanks to univet and optident for my new stylish loupes, rocking the 70’s vibe... 

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My comfort zone

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... My first pair of loupes when I graduated were @univetopticaltechnologies. Fast forward ten years I have upgraded keeping to the same brand.
Why? There are multiple reasons and since I get asked so often I thought I would share it with you. The design frame is especially made for the loupes. This is a massive plus for me.
It is also sleek in its design and has won several design awards for its frames such as the “Good Design Award”...


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...I have the right tools to offer my patients the level of working quality and trust they deserve every day... (Automatic Translation)


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...After almost 25 years of working without, I finally decided to buy myself these magnifying glasses. It is still a little bit strange, I’m still getting use to but I already think I cannot do without anymore...


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Now I see more with my new and highly anticipated univet loupes @binoculars_russia.
...They were made for me individually, taking into account my vision and working environment. Their production is located in Italy... Loupes are not a luxury! And the need for modern dentistry
Healthy smiles to everyone. (Automatic Translation)


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Start of my dental journey. Through two types of lenses. This is one of them lens.
Never regretted making this investment in my journey. Precision and perfection is what I strive for. Magnification and clarity definitely helps me achieve better quality of work.
Putting my passion into practice...

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  • 56 ☐ 16
  • Universal fitting
Accessories included
  • Side protection
  • Elastic band
  • Owner Name / Engraving outside the temple
Magnification Galilean Prismatic Ergo
2.0X - Pro HD    
2.5X - Pro HD    
3.0X - Pro HD    
3.5X - Pro HD    
3.5X - XS Ultra-HD    
4.0X - XS Ultra-HD    
5.0X - XS Ultra-HD    
3.5X - Ultra-HD      
4.5X - Ultra-HD      
6.0X - Ultra-HD      
3.5X - Ergo Advanced      
4.5X - Ergo Advanced      
5.7X - Ergo Advanced