Utmost attention to materials and the pursuit of new shapes, lines, and dimensions in the reinterpretation of our most iconic models — these are what makes ASH a truly contemporary design make ASH a truly contemporary design —.

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Accessories have been developed to perfectly fit each loupes model's design, guaranteeing greater comfort and protection.

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 ... I use UNIVET Loupes as my magnification solution - love how sleek and effective these loupes are...


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... new magnifying glasses with LED light, one of the latest purchases of which I am particularly proud... Top! Thank you ... Univet. (Automatic translation)


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...This black technology can really be clear and faithful to the prototype magnification imaging,
Tooth decay saw, The root canal was found, I saw the edge, I saw the stone, The problem of teeth will be invisible, The arrival of loupes for me, Is it even more powerful, Still superfluous? Let's keep watching! (Automatic translation)


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...Using light but high-performance loupes like these guarantees superior performance in terms of precision and minimally invasiveness. Benefits therefore for the patient, but also for the operator in terms of ergonomics and posture... My back thanks. And do you colleagues use there? For me it is an indispensable "tool of the trade". (Automatic translation)


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...Excellent HD vision, comfortable for long surgeries. Used it for 8 hrs continuously. 


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High precision, improved performance. (Automatic translation)


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  • 55 ☐ 17 / 53 ☐ 17
  • Universal fitting
Accessories included
  • Side protection
  • Elastic band
  • Owner Name / Engraving outside the temple
Magnification Galilean Prismatic
2.0X - Pro HD  
2.5X - Pro HD  
3.0X - Pro HD  
3.5X - Pro HD  
3.5X - XS Ultra-HD  
4.0X - XS Ultra-HD  
5.0X - XS Ultra-HD  
3.5X - Ultra-HD  
4.5X - Ultra-HD  
6.0X - Ultra-HD