During this five-part series, Dr. Richard Stevenson will cover the exciting field of ceramic restorations from material science to preparation designs to the final delivery including polishing and occlusal adjustment.

During each session, participants will be encouraged to ask questions and even share their cases with Dr. Stevenson for feedback. We are excited to present this study club-type format for Dentists interested in upping their game and mastering ceramics in their practice.


Join us for the third part of this new webinar series on Ceramic Restorations: what you must know to become a master! 


CE AWARDED by Stevenson Dental Solutions


Richard Gray Stevenson III
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Dentistry, UCLA



Dr. Stevenson served as Chair of the Section of Restorative Dentistry, with over 100 faculty members for 17 years and is currently Professor Emeritus of Clinical Dentistry at UCLA. He has made over one hundred instructional videos in restorative dentistry techniques including ceramic inlays and onlays, dental materials, impressions and dental photography – these videos have been viewed by thousands of dentists internationally. His YouTube channel currently has over 107,000 subscribers. 

He practices dentistry in San Dimas, California with a focus on Microscope, Implant Restoration and Esthetic Dentistry. In 2015, he started Stevenson Dental Solutions, a teaching institute dedicated to hands-on training where he serves as the Director of Education.

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