Pro Light Powerpack (Black) Troubleshooting


  • Powerpack left on overnight charge and wall adapter shows green light but still, the Lamp-head (Light) doesn’t turn on. 



  • Lamp-head (Light) is flickering.



  • Lamp-head (Light) is not fitting completely in its respective jack.



  • The power button takes time to switch off the light.


  • The charging port is loose means the light on the adapter flickers if Powerpack is moved while on charge.


  • Powerpack not charging light on the adapter is red even after an overnight charge.


  • Lamphead stops working in between use and comes back on after adjusting.



  • It needs a Hard Reset: So Put the Powerpack on charge again and hold the Power button for 5 seconds and now remove it from charge and use it again the Lamp head (light) will come back on. If it still doesn't work just hold the Power Button for 15 seconds to reset.


  • Check if it is the cable: If you have to adjust the cable at some angle to keep it on. That means cable (complete Lamp head) Needs replacement.


  • Needs replacement. Might have put the charging cable in the light port which damaged the port and now not able to use the light because of physical damage.



  • That’s how it should work. Nothing is wrong.


  • Needs replacement. 


  • Either the charging pin in the powerpack is loose or the adapter needs replacement which is very rare.


  • There could be 2 reasons: either the cable is getting stretched while you move and it keeps becoming loose from the lamp head port and losing its connection or the cable is damaged from inside due to tugging of the wire.



If the instructions above didn’t work out for you, please send us an e-mail: or contact your sales representative. 


Note: All light items come with a 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase. Except for the orange filter.