Made in Italy

The Univet's enlightening solutions!

The LED headlights are a testimony to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Our in-house design and production guarantee the unique Univet style, innovation, high technology, and comfort.
The Univet's headlights systems ensure maximum professional performance combined with dental/surgical magnifying glasses.



The key features that bring light to your professional life


A clear field of view


Enhanced clinical outcomes


EOS Wireless

No cables, a lightweight body, a powerful light, and a long-lasting battery: this is EOS Wireless...

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EOS Next

EOS Next features cutting-edge illumination technology, a high definition light post, an extended battery life at maximum intensity...

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enhance the benefits of loupes


Headlight use has been proven to enhance clinical outcomes and provides a clear field of view

Clear field of view

Headlights can provide advantages as significant as those of loupes themselves. Our frontal headlight, mounted on your loupes, illuminated everything you see, getting rid of the shadows that an overhead light normally projects.

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The headlights can be attached to every Loupes magnifying system

The universal magnetic adapter, included in the EOS packages, allows you to mount your headlight on any TTL Loupes frame.

Univet tests all its headlights to protect people from photobiological damage caused by the LED light. The headlights products comply with the international standard IEC 62471:2006, avoiding damage health effects during exposure to optical radiation, including LED.